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SGS sets the industry standard for well-designed, reliable mechanical sampling systems (MSS) for bulk cargos.

Wind Turbines

No matter how complex a mechanical sampling system is, the ability to determine and maintain correct control of the operation is essential. Optimize your operations with an SGS mechanical sampling system that includes a PLC based control system.

Our mechanical sampling systems are equipped with PLC (programmable logic controller) based control systems to ensure the consistent, efficient delivery of unbiased and representative samples. SGS PLC based control systems include a number of features that ensure the smooth operation of your mechanical sampling system:

  • You can easily modify the sampling system parameters through the supplied software, and without the need for specific hardware or experienced engineering staff.
  • All of our PLC-based control systems include reliable Omron or Allen Bradley PLCs.
  • The optional Touch Screen allows operators to modify operating parameters on a password-protected screen. This feature provides increased system security and allows you to monitor the status of the sampling system and display alarm conditions.
  • Safety and durability are built into each system. The enclosure for the motor control centre (MCC) and PLC is of a Form 1 construction with IP65 (International Protection) rating. The enclosure can be supplied in painted mild steel, 316 stainless steel or other materials to meet your requirements.
  • Motors and control elements are temporarily wired to the MCC and fully tested prior to delivery.

Contact us to learn how SGS’s accurate and reliable mechanical sampling systems and PLC based control systems can optimize your bulk cargo sampling operation.