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To declare any dangerous substances and properly promote eco-friendly contents, SGS environmental product safety services can advise you on EU classification, labeling and packaging (CLP) regulation. Call us today to find out more.

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Compliance with EU CLP regulation means you will be communicating the right information about potentially dangerous chemicals as well as environmentally friendly ingredients in your products. With an ever more complex regulatory climate for environmental claims and packaging, we are serious about helping you with this important issue to ensure that your products meet all relevant requirements.

With many years of experience, we have proven expertise in human and environmental safety and in classifying substances in the correct categories. We have worked in the design of chemical safety data sheets (SDS) and are the leading experts on the classification and labeling for the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances (REACH) regulation. Any changes to SDS under REACH and CLP are monitored so we can help you to comply with any new challenges.

Our flexible, modular package can be tailored to suit your needs, including the following services:

  • Auditing existing certifications to ensure substances match the most up-to-date classifications
  • Set-up of new or existing SDS to comply with the latest legislation
  • Extension of SDS for preparations and mixtures with appropriate REACH information from registration dossiers 
  • Adapting SDS to the CLP regulation for substances and mixtures
  • Expert knowledge in completing data gaps like toxicological, occupational exposure limit and ecotoxicological data
  • Full regulatory compliance via our e-mail distribution tool which links your SDS to your internal order processing system
  • Worldwide document access using our internet hosting service

Dangerous substances must be declared by use of the appropriate labeling. We will check that your current labeling is accurate and that your packaging is suitable to the regulatory requirements.

We know you are as serious about environmental protection as we are. Call our experienced team today.