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Independent metering expertise for environmental compliance, including emissions measurement.

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At SGS, we have years of experience providing verification and certification of meters and meter provers. We offer independent metering expertise for environmental compliance including emissions measurement.

Specialized refinery loss audits allow our customers to differentiate between real and apparent losses, implement appropriate improvements to measurement systems and benefit from immediate savings through improved refinery operations. Our emissions trading consultancy service enables our customers to benefit – where applicable – from taxation allowances for efficient management of environmental emissions.

In recent years new legislation has come into effect that requires ongoing measurement of environmental emissions, including:

  • EU Environmental Trading Scheme (ETS): The EU ETS requires operators of upstream & downstream hydrocarbon production facilities to meet EU directives on the production of CO2 through the combustion of fuel sources. It is important that these are designed and operated correctly, otherwise they will face either penalties from governments, or additional trading permits for any extra CO2 produced. There are defined measurement tiers that must be adhered to. The EU ETS is mainly associated with fuel being combusted, such as fuel gas and flaring sources
  • Clean shipping fuels: Additionally, in terms of shipping new legislation has been put in-place to mandate the use of clean fuels, such as LNG, in vessels instead of sulfurous hydrocarbons. The use of fuels such as LNG has resulted in a need to upgrade vessel based measurement reporting systems to provide higher levels of integrity and traceability
  • Power generators: Power generation, gas turbines and similar facilities which produce CO2 emissions and require the fuel to be accurately measured to assist in the determination of CO2 consumed

SGS’s emission measurement services

We can assist clients in ensuring that the correct meter selection has been made, and that the installed meter is providing best uncertainty and accuracy to meet the required guideline being applied to the environmental measurement criteria:

  • Audit of emissions metering
  • BOG (Boil Off Gas) meter compliance for LNG vessels
  • Flare & fuel gas metering
  • Produced water measurement
  • LNG metering compliance
  • Terminals & shipping
  • Water measurement, produced water from hydrocarbons

Why choose SGS?

We operate and manage a wide range and variety of on-site calibration services ensuring that the measurement systems owned by our customers’ companies are calibrated and traceable to relevant standards. Our mini-prover rigs are fully certified for all hazardous areas of operation and our experts are comprehensively trained in numerous operating and safety procedures. These services are provided independently of system manufacturers and instrument vendors, thus offering completely impartial advice.

Contact us for more information on our emission measurement services.