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SGS offers sustainable brownfield management solutions to rejuvenate and reuse abandoned sites.

aerial view on coastline road

Call our environmental management teams today to find out how your disused site could be reintroduced into the community.

Brownfields – unused and abandoned sites – are scars on the landscape and often the legacy of our industrial past. They are the result of heavy industrial activity that did not pay as much attention to environmental concerns as we do today. If managed efficiently and professionally, these brownfield sites have great potential in land recycling programs. Sites can be redeveloped and redeployed for the good of whole communities.

Our brownfield management services help you to examine your disused site. The area may be affected by asbestos, soil and water contamination, hazardous waste and other pollution. To find the best ways to revitalize your site, our specialists work with your architects, contractors and local authorities. Together we investigate appropriate and innovative solutions that meet the needs and regulatory requirements for your area.

The objective of our brownfield assessment is to highlight any site problems and to develop efficient technical solutions for remediation, waste removal, asbestos removal, redevelopment and land recycling. We can then help you to appraise the economic return on your investment, depending on the project development and schedule.

Your project’s success is backed up by our track record in managing numerous brownfields project with creativity and innovation. Call us today for an integrated plan for rejuvenating your brownfield site.