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An historical study of your site is the first essential step in obtaining the essential information to ensure an efficient and cost-effective project. Call the SGS experts today to start your site investigation process.

aerial view on coastline road

Before the orientation or ‘first step’ study of your site, you should have a complete picture of your site’s history. This is essential for the success of your ground or groundwater pollution study. An historical study considerably reduces the risk of leading to an incomplete orientation study.

Most historical studies include documenting all existing paperwork and plans relating to the site. However, in the case of abandoned sites, inactive industrial sites or even some new facilities, the data is often incomplete and insufficient. This is why we include an extra ‘interview’ phase in our historicial study approach.

By examining the available data, we can rebuild the site history and highlight the different activities which have taken place on the site. This allows us to focus future investigations on the areas highest on our risk assessment.

The documentary phase includes consulting:

  • Administrative archives: cadastral and property register, old operating or environmental license, potential police reports or old land use plans
  • Mapping archives: topography, geology, pedology, hydrogeology, natural environment, old aerial or satellite pictures
  • Operating archives: old industrial plans, old land development projects and underground equipment network

The interview phase aims at collecting as much detailed information as possible from witnesses to the past activity of the site. We meet with former company employees, the former environmental services or operating managers, and members of external services provided on the site.

Following our investigations, we propose a unique solution for each historical study. This provides you with documentary and field research. You are assured of an adapted and complete intervention strategy for you to follow and can reduce your future costs by avoiding unexpected contaminated zones which you discover later on.

Call our team today and take steps to start your historical study and find out more about your site.