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To be sure your workplace is safe, contact the SGS asbestos management team for an asbestos identification service.

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No matter what industry you are in, there are many materials on your site that may contain asbestos. Asbestos was used widely as recently as the last decade and can be found in building materials and equipment but also in soil on former industrial sites. Our asbestos management team inspects your site and conducts a thorough asbestos identification service. You can trust our experienced team to find out if asbestos has been used in your building, on site, or if it is present in your soil.

A site audit and asbestos analysis by our accredited mobile laboratories will quickly let you know whether hazardous asbestos is on your premise. You can also send us samples of suspected materials for analysis. Using asbestos microscopy, we can detect the presence, quantity and type of asbestos.

We provide you with a speedy analysis to minimize work disruption and reduce the risk of exposure if asbestos is found.

Current legislation requires businesses to:

  • Identify materials containing asbestos in your workplace
  • Provide a current register of asbestos materials to employees
  • Establish regular assessments and inspections of identified asbestos materials
  • Implement an asbestos management plan
  • Label identified asbestos materials
  • Manage asbestos removal, post-removal inspections for asbestos fibers in the air

If asbestos is identified we can help you come up with a cost-effective management and removal plan. We issue a clearance certificate and ensure that your site is managed according to all relevant regulations and health and safety standards.

To protect your business and personnel, contact our asbestos management experts today.