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Landfill sites can face the risk of solid waste surface subsidence.

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SGS offers accredited landfill surface subsidence monitoring to ensure your site is safe and working for your future. Call us today.

Landfill sites can be complex and require constant monitoring to maintain productive and safe operations. Landfill compaction is an ongoing risk. Unless proper support systems are put in place, shifting solid waste and underground gas emissions can cause structural collapse. Building on such a site can be hazardous and requires a full risk assessment to make it viable for future development. Our landfill surface subsidence monitoring team work with you to ensure you have all the necessary information to meet regulatory requirements and design the most appropriate building foundation plans.

Our landfill surface subsidence monitoring services include:

  • Installing piezometers to monitor leachate
  • On-site monitoring of biogas (methane and others)
  • Air and odor measurements
  • Sampling of surface waters to determine pollutant levels

To protect your site and avoid costly retroactive clean-up activity, you need a detailed monitoring plan prepared by experts in the field. Our accredited environmental teams will work with you as the ideal independent auditor and advisor. There are many techniques and innovative ideas we can explore together to suit your site plans now and for the future. Call our expert team today.