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Your ambient air quality can affect the health of your people and your profitability. To be sure you are operating in a clean and safe environment, contact SGS for an ambient air quality monitoring and assessment plan.

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The air quality in your work environment – the ambient air – can affect more than just the health of your workforce. A polluted environment can erode your competitive edge and cloud your corporate image. Air pollution can destroy local ecosystems and biodiversity, leaving a long-term environmental legacy. Contaminated air can cause damage to building materials, decimate healthy forests and reduce crop yields.

We can help you prevent exposure to toxic substances. Our teams operate around the world, using the latest techniques to analyze ambient air and monitor emissions. We use a range of data – personal data taken from individual employees as well as complete workplace and multi-site monitoring systems. Our computer simulation models will help you interpret the data findings so you can decide on the right action plan.

SGS environmental laboratories are accredited and certified to applicable quality standards. We monitor each step of the way – through sampling, analysis and reporting – because the health and safety of your people is as important to us as it is to you.

Our air quality testing services cover:

  • Workplace monitoring 
  • Personal air sampling 
  • Dust particle pollution
  • Volatile organic compounds 
  • Asbestos, man-made and mineral fibers and crystalline silica 
  • Yeasts, moulds and airborne microbiological contaminations
  • Odor measurements
  • Continuous air monitoring networks

To ensure you are complying with your local area regulations and guidelines for ambient air quality monitoring, we can work together to design and implement a monitoring program. Have confidence that you are providing a safe workplace for your teams and a clean environment for the future – contact our trusted team today.