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When it comes to decontaminating polluted sites, how can you be certain that the remediation technique you have chosen is the right one?

aerial view on coastline road

By conducting a feasibility study, SGS can determine the right solution for you. Call us today.

When considering remediation solutions suitable to your site, we always consider the most appropriate, cost-effective techniques. To make sure we have the right solution, in some cases it is necessary to carry out additional tests to check the practical feasibility of the considered technique. These laboratory and on-site analyses allow us to examine more closely the remediation techniques that suit your situation.

Some of these additional tests for a feasibility study include:

  • Specific physico-chemical analyses – carried out on-site using our mobile laboratories or in one of our certified laboratories to study in situ parameters (electro-conductivity, dissolved oxygen, redox potential) physical parameters (alkalinity, turbidity, suspended matters) and chemical parameters (anions, cations, chemical oxygen demand, total organic carbon)

  • Simulated remediation in laboratory tests – by using representative sampling of soil or groundwater and the addition of nutrients or bacteria in laboratory, we can study the reactions of the contaminants and the efficiency of the proposed remediation technology.

  • In situ pilot tests – to be sure that the proposed technique will show a sufficient return, a pilot test can be conducted in the field, testing the proposed solution on a reduced scale.

  • Natural attenuation assessment – we check if the physico-chemical conditions of the contaminated environment can lead to natural attenuation. If it is the case, it can be an interesting alternative from an economic point of view. We have vast experience in this field dealing with hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents.

For assessing remediation feasibility to suit your needs, call our accredited teams now for the right solution for your site.