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SGS pharmaceutical, personal care product and hormone testing can determine if your industrial and production processes are at risk of leaching these compounds into the environment. Call our expert team for more information today.

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As well as containing toxic chemical substances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care products can contain residual compounds that can accumulate in water and soil. Even at low concentrations, traces of these compounds can cause adverse human health conditions and can disrupt local ecosystems.

Our expert pharmaceutical, personal care product and hormone analysis teams have the experience to investigate your on-site or off-site operations. We can also examine your products and ingredients for risk factors and identify bioactive metabolites in pharmaceuticals.

Using the latest equipment and instrumentation, our team of specialized analysts take environmental samples from drinking, river or waste water, soil, sediment or sludge, and even fish and shellfish. We can tell you where there are problem areas in your production and on your site. We provide you with expert advice for clean-up and treatment processes, and avoiding the release of the compounds under investigation in the environment.

Contact our team of specialists today to ensure your operations are environmentally safe.