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Dioxins and furans are carcinogenic and so are some of the most regulated environmental contaminants. Call SGS today for a dioxin and furan analysis to ensure your site safety.

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Produced inadvertently by industrial processes such as waste incineration, chemical manufacturing and paper bleaching, dioxins and furans can be found in the air, in water and contaminated soil. As they accumulate they can become harmful to human health.

Our dioxin and furan testing can identify where toxic emissions are occurring and help to improve the safety of your operations. We can help you to clean up air, water and soil on industrial and brownfield sites. We also monitor dioxin and furan levels in food and animal feed.

Fully accredited at local and international level, we are recognized as one of the world’s leading and most reliable laboratories for dioxin and furan testing. With our laboratory analysis, you can be confident that your production processes will be thoroughly examined to control and reduce the release of these substances.

High-resolution mass spectrometry is the only legally accepted analytical technique for quantifying dioxins and furans. Our teams at our Institute for Applied Chromatography use the latest techniques in this technology to ensure that all possible sources of emissions are checked and even low levels can be monitored and measured.

Depending on your priorities, we can test a wide range of substances to assess the potential risk of human exposure to dioxins and furans, including: soil and sediment; water; air; stack emissions; plant and animal tissue; blood and serum; food and animal feed stocks. We test thousands of samples every year and keep up to date on the latest regulatory requirements. We can also provide ongoing support for contaminated areas and restoration of your site.

Let our internationally recognized laboratories help you ensure a clean and healthy workplace for your business. Call our team today to ensure your businesses safety record.