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Micropollutants and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are highly toxic in accumulated quantities. Call SGS today for micropollutant and POPs testing to ensure that your processes are clean and safe.

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Micropollutants and POPs are organic compounds that are persistent in the environment because they do not biodegrade or break down. They can build up in the environment, foodstuffs and human tissue and become a health hazard. For example, dioxins can accumulate in the food chain. Acrylamide can be formed in deep-fried products or pesticide residues can remain on vegetables and fruit.

Our micropollutant and POPs testing can identify if these toxins are present in your production processes. If they are found, we can work with you to find ways to control and reduce their proliferation. We can help you meet environmental regulations and improve the safety of your operations.

Our Institute for Applied Chromatography is a unique laboratory that uses high-resolution chromatography research to quickly detect the slightest contamination. Micropollutant and POPs analysis is carried out by our team of highly skilled and experienced scientists. They use the very latest high-technology methods to analyze a range of substances for these pollutants. They deliver speedy results so you can proceed quickly with reviewing production processes if necessary.

Because micropollutants and POPs can travel long distances, they pose global threats to human and environmental safety. Consequently, they are highly scrutinized and regulated, with the aim to eliminate their production. Even a suspected presence of these micropollutants in your products could jeopardize your business continuity and reputation.

Provide a safe working environment and reduce your company’s environmental impact. Call our team today to monitor and reduce the presence of pollutants in your work environment.