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SGS environmental services will help you to submit the correct product safety reports and requisite dossiers to meet the full range of legal requirements covering emergency response to incidents involving hazardous chemicals. Call us today to find out how.

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When dealing with hazardous substances, your business must comply with a variety of regulations. To provide evidence of compliance, there are notification reports you need to submit to appropriate authorities.

With a wealth of experience and a worldwide network of experts to draw on, we can advise you about which directives and regulations are applicable for your products. We can also keep you informed of updates and amendments to those applicable regulations so that you are never at risk of failing to maintain your compliance.

We provide assistance with the following specific notification reports:

Classification, labeling and packaging (CLP) regulation 1272/2008/EC

We notify the contents of your chemical substances to an appointed responsible body for use in the event of an emergency health response.

Export and import of dangerous chemicals regulation 689/2008/EC

We help you prepare the required notification reports and to set up the required volume and customer tracking systems for dangerous chemicals that are banned or restricted.

Biocides directive 98/8/EC

If your products use biocidal products, we prepare the notification report needed to apply for authorization.

Detergents regulation 648/2004/EC

Our laboratories provide you with the necessary testing regime to determine the biodegradability of the active ingredients of detergents. We also produce safety communication needed to comply with stringent labeling requirements.

Classification and labeling inventory of registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances (REACH) regulation 1907/2006/EC (other than for registered substances)

Substances covered by this directive which meet the criteria for classification as dangerous or which may need to be registered, are subject to the classification and labeling notification. We help ensure that you provide the right data in the right format to meet requirements.

Stay focused on your central business and take advantage of our skilled experts and software systems to take care of your notification data requirements. Call our emergency communication experts today.