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An orientation ‘first step’ study by SGS can give you a clearer understanding of your site. Call our experts today to find out more.

aerial view on coastline road

If you are buying a business, managing a site or simply changing the main activity on your current operations, you cannot ignore the past history of your site and the fact that it may contain levels of contamination from previous industrial use.

An orientation ‘first step’ study can give you a clearer understanding of the state of your site’s soil and groundwater. This initial investigation is essential and can be motivated by many situations: an industrial customer renewing a license or changing business; a petrol station owner or a private company facing suspected pollution; an agent acquiring a plot of land suspected to be contaminated; a public authority managing an old abandoned site. A study to give a ‘zero state’ classification for pollution may be imposed by some authorities or required by potential buyers.

No matter what the reason, we conduct an orientation ‘first step’ study, guaranteed to provide you with rapid results. The land contamination study includes:

  • Developing a sampling strategy and proposed investigation methods for ground and groundwater, accordingly to legal and regulatory requirements
  • Executing manual (percussion auger or rig) or mechanical (drilling machines, mechanical excavator) drilling, depending on your objectives and budget
  • Installation of piezometers (low-diameter wells) to sample groundwater
  • Environmental site assessment and analysis by our certified laboratories
  • Interpretation of the analytical data towards regulatory threshold values
  • Formulation of conclusions regarding the state of the soil as well as possible recommendations for necessary complementary studies that will complete the information you need to assess your site

All our work is conducted according to the latest safety standards and in respect of confidentiality and our Code of Integrity.

Call us today to take the first step to finding out more essential information about your site.