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SGS uses groundwater modeling techniques to help protect groundwater by simulating its drainage and flow and anticipating risks of propagation of contamination. Call our accredited hydrogeological experts today to find out more.

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Groundwater systems can be complex and difficult to define. But to protect groundwater supplies it is essential to have detailed information about flow patterns and drainage in order to predict potential dispersion of contamination. In many cases it is useful to know about aquifer behavior, in particular relating to its flow velocity, storage capacities and permeability. Through groundwater modeling and subsurface flow simulation we can give you this information about your site.

Our range of state-of-the-art computer modeling software allows us to determine the velocity of your water and the likelihood of risks of pollution reaching catchments wells, rivers and ponds. We use a variety of field investigations, from drilling and pumping and tracing tests to the injection of tracers to allow us to show a groundwater simulation, visualizing the local characteristics of the water flow.

Based on the field data, we create a numerical and multi-layered model representing your hydrogeological situation, including barriers, drainage and feeding systems. By looking at the data alongside information such as rainfall, filtration and water seepage, we can come up with a detailed representation of the groundwater flow.

Calibration of your field data allows us to simulate different water flow patterns. By adding information about catchment or drainage, we can anticipate the possible migration path of contamination and other risk assessment scenarios.

The potential uses of the groundwater models are unlimited. The information can be useful in establishing a plan for aquifer protection, to assist with engineering works or for maximizing water supply.

Talk to us today – our hydrogeological experts will have a plan to suit your business needs.