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To be certain that your equipment and processes are not leaching low-level metals into the environment, SGS provides a trace metal analysis to identify risk areas in your industry. Call our expert team today.

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Traces of metals, even at low-levels can contaminate the environment as a result of a number of industrial or chemical processes. Amalgams, pipeline welds, metal coatings and other components can all be at risk of leaching amounts of metals into water or soil. They can also enter the food chain – for example, mercury can accumulate in shellfish – where they can adversely affect human health.

Our low-level metal analysis and metal speciation can determine potential problem areas in your industry and help you to design a plan to minimize the risk in the future.

We have the experience to provide solutions for your on-site or off-site operations. We carry out mapping around your plant and its processes. Using the latest equipment and instrumentation, our team of specialized analysts take environmental samples from drinking, river or waste water, soil, sediment or sludge, fish and shellfish.

Our low-level metal analysis and speciation will tell you where the problem areas lie on your site, using state-of-the art techniques such as inductive coupled plasma – high-resolution mass spectrometry. Our reports will give you a better understanding of what form of low-level metals are accumulating and how they are being released through your processes. In addition, we investigate the presence of metal contamination in order to speciate the form in which the metal is present allowing us to assess the bioavailability and ecotoxicological impact.

We can examine remediation and removal methods to suit your priorities. Contact our team of specialists today to help keep your processes running efficiently and safely.