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Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are some of the most regulated, hazardous chemicals. To find out if your industrial practices are releasing these toxic substances, call SGS for PCB testing today.

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PCBs have been used in many products, from transformers and building materials to inks and paints. Some are toxic and can be released into the environment from PCB contamination in landfill waste and industrial incineration.

Because they are stable enough to resist breaking down, PCBs remain in the environment. For example, about ten percent of all the PCBs produced since their introduction in the 1920s remain in the environment today. PCBs can also be carried long distances. As a consequence, they can be responsible for serious global environmental contamination and damage to human health. Because of this, they are banned or severely restricted in many countries. 

To tackle this serious environmental and health hazard, you need experienced professionals to locate all likely sources of PCBs and provide practical solutions for their control and elimination.

Our on-site laboratories take samples from a range of possible sources and analyze for PCB presence. The resulting reports provide you with advice and recommendations for meeting all current regulations and for adapting your workplace practices to reduce the presence of PCBs.

Minimize adverse environmental impact and ensure your practices are not causing human health hazards. Secure a clean bill of health for the future of your business. Call our team today.