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Your mining, farming and industrial activities could be creating dust and ash fall-out.

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SGS environmental services teams conduct dust fall-out sampling to monitor the problem and work with you to instigate plans to limit future fall-out. Contact us to find out how we can help clean up your on-site operations.

Dust and ash monitoring represents a cost-effective method for identifying priority control areas and deviations that result in excessive dust emissions.  Tests can be conducted over relatively short periods (to identify the source of a specific complaint, for instance) but are normally run over a series of years.  Many mining operations use fallout as a major indicator of the effectiveness of dust management systems and operate fallout networks over the lifetime of a mine, even into rehabilitation.

Our teams use a range of field monitoring techniques to determine the extent of the problem. If the dust levels measured are above the legal limits, we work with you to come up with the best solutions for your business to decrease the fallout levels.

SGS can help you:

  • Design a comprehensive fallout monitoring system
  • Implement a system using appropriate equipment
  • Execute the monitoring, deploying field teams to manage sample collection and replacement
  • Conduct analysis and provide regular reports
  • Assist with accreditation of your system or operate an accreditated monitoring service on your behalf

If wind and rain are factors contributing to dust fallout in particular sites, we look at climate conditions that may influence patterns of dust fallout in the future. This allows us to formulate a comprehensive clean-up plan that takes all contributing factors into account for the future operation of your business.

We can also conduct a risk assessment to consider other health and safety issues you might need to address. For example, we can scan the dust fallout for hazards such as radiation if this could be a factor in your site location.

Our qualified team can help safeguard you from expensive and dangerous dust fallout. Call them today and let us start working together on innovative solutions for your business.