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Soil and groundwater pollution can become an environment and health problem that far exceeds the boundaries of your site. Avoid environmental disasters and the financial consequences with a pollution study from SGS. Call our team of contaminated land experts now to find out more.

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With our international experience in environmental management, we have the track record to deal with your ground contamination management.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct manual or mechanical drilling and take soil and water samples for analysis. Our scientific professionals use our certified laboratories and on-site mobile installations to investigate a range of parameters to understand what pollution is present.

Our experienced team of geologists, hydrogeologists and agronomists use the latest safety equipment and top-of-the-range equipment to carry out technical investigations of groundwater and soil problems – from simple sampling to deep drilling and installation of wells and piezometers. Our range of techniques include:

  • Installing piezometers to monitor groundwater contamination 
  • In-depth characterization study to determine the extent of pollutants
  • Groundwater modeling to examine the dispersion of underground contaminants
  • Sampling of surface waters to determine pollutant levels
  • Analysis of weather data to anticipate fluctuating temperatures and potential rainfall that can contribute to the release of contaminants
  • Air and odor measurements
  • Membrane interface probe (MIP)
  • Passive soil gas sampling modules (Sorbers)
  • Frost
  • Direct well

Through our pollution studies, we will provide you with the independent advice your company needs to meet all regulatory requirements. We work with you to develop a successful environmental management program and a cost-effective plan for site decontamination.

Our expertise in contaminated land studies includes the following fields:

  • Historical study 
  • Orientation ‘first step’ study 
  • Characterization or delineation study 
  • Brownfield analysis
  • Contaminant fate and transport study 
  • Excavated ground management 
  • Feasibility study 
  • Remediation study

With proven experience and an international network that guarantees you a quality service throughout the world, we will tackle your ground and groundwater contamination problem rapidly and efficiently. To protect your site and avoid costly retroactive clean-up activity, call our contaminated land experts today.