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SGS provides a variety of accredited laboratory analyses across a range of analytical parameters to provide the necessary evidence for environmental regulatory compliance.

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Our comparative data can be used to discover ways to minimize your environmental impact. Call our expert team now to find out more.

Our independent laboratory analyses are based on a wide range of environmental parameters, providing you with the data you need to assess the environmental impact and ensure the safety of your operations. The scope of our laboratory analyses include the following matrices:

  • Air: Air analysis can help you reduce dangerous emissions and avoid health hazards for your people. We accurately measure and independently verify your emissions to help you to meet compliance levels and reduce the release of regulated environmental contaminants

  • Soil: Your soil content should be checked for contamination from toxins and waste. Maximum levels in your soil may be required by law for your industry. Our soil analysis can determine levels of environmental pollutants and help you to prioritize a plan for decontamination

  • Water: Water contamination must be monitored and could be required by law for your industry. Our water analysis can help you determine levels of environmental pollutants and develop a purification plan if it is needed

Our reports are a valuable tool to demonstrate that you are operating in an environmentally responsible manner. They also enable you to prioritize an action plan to reduce emissions and release of hazardous substances into the environment. Our experienced teams will help you to innovate, adapt your production methods and invest in processes that improve your environmental performance.

Accredited against local and international standards, we are recognized as a world leader in laboratory analysis. Call our experts today to ensure you are meeting all relevant environmental regulations for your industry.