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If your business deals with hazardous substances, our emergency planning teams are ready to take control of emergency situation management for you.

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Call us today for a plan of action to protect your company reputation and the environment in the event of an emergency.

For successful incident management you need immediate intervention to help protect your people, your products and the environment. When an emergency situation arises, the availability of experienced, well-trained staff with the right equipment is critical to mitigate the impact of accidents.

Our intervention teams provide you with a worldwide network of specialists offering all-year, around-the-clock emergency situation management. We use the latest safety equipment (including packaging, absorption and safety material, containers, pumps and measuring equipment) and can provide facilities for the safe removal, storage and disposal of waste.

Our services will ensure that you are supported and informed at all times, and that your business is complying with all governing regulations. You will receive:

  • Immediate assistance by an inspector who will make a detailed report on the accident scene
  • An intervention team to work closely with the local authorities, law enforcement and local emergency services personnel and to contain any contamination 
  • Access to our accredited laboratory teams for careful evaluation of soil, water and air samples
  • Coordinated communications so that you are kept informed at every stage of action
  • Support from our multidisciplinary team at all times (intervention team, laboratory services, analysis, waste and environmental experts, reports and data access)
  • Remediation and site restoration expertise

Our inspections and reports are independent and include a detailed intervention report to assist with the crucial final settlement of the emergency situation.

Avoid the risk of being unprepared for an emergency situation – call our expert team today for your integrated incident management plan.