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To reduce health risks on your site, SGS provides a human health risk assessment. Contact our experienced team today to protect your workers and provide a safe and healthy working environment.

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Exposure to emissions, residues and chemicals that are side effects of industrial processes can cause health hazards for your employees and visitors to your workplace. To protect your people from health risks of contaminants, our human health risk assessment is an integral part of your environmental management plan.

Using the latest software and imaging techniques, our human health risk assessment uses computer mapping to simulate potential pollution pathways. We look at concentration levels and estimated exposure rates. We assess what the impact of that exposure could be on your site workers as well as the local community population.

We can cross-reference this data with up-to-the-minute toxicological information from international databases to determine current safe levels for each scenario.

We also examine the potential impact on groundwater resources and local ecosystems.

A robust human health risk assessment will allow our experienced teams to consider any action you need to take to meet any regulatory needs for optimum health and safety on your site. Call us today for solutions to protect your people.